Wow. It’s quiet without the computer running all the time

It was a great day of freelance work today. I was at my computer by 8:30 and powered through for a couple of hours before taking a break. I finished a stage of a membership site, so now it is out for testing and approval before I need to touch it again. I really want to clean it up because I’m not sure that I like the font and the images are all stock but it is at the stage where I really need to know if it’s gonna work or not. Fun stuff.

Monitors and laptops and my funky old desk

Anyway I’ve got an older computer here. And it’s been kind of grinding at me the last couple of months. But it’s what I’ve got and so what if I have to reboot it every so often. It’s just that Chrome drags it down. Everything slows, and I just need to shut it all down and bring it back up again. I hate doing that. I’ll have a dozen windows open where I’m working on different stuff, and it’s annoying to stop and then go through the reboot sequence.

It’s been doing that all day; I powered through a number of tasks and had to pause to let it catch up with me. But I guess about two hours ago, I’d had it. I came back in from having dinner, sat down, and the damn thing wouldn’t move. Totally froze up. I had to do a hard reboot and then fume while waiting for it to come back up.

When I’ve got a client over here, I move oneĀ of my monitors out to the main table where we’ve got more room, and I plug in my laptop. It’s a Macbook Air. We do the work. have the meeting and then I move everything back to where it belongs and I come back to my old workhorse.

So I connected up the MacBook Air in here. And it is so quiet. And it’s noticeably faster, especially as I don’t have to wait for my hard drive to catch up with Chrome. Just a lovely experience. I really should be shopping for a new Macbook Pro soon.