What is content?

I was up until 3am last night, working on websites. Content became important to define shortly after midnight and I jotted down these notes.

What is content?

It depends.

For a blogger or reporter, it’s a story, followed by another story and another story. And someone’s stories might be factual accounts of making something or traveling somewhere or cooking yummy food. Or instead of stories, the blogger may be writing articles on a topic to convince people to think the way they do, or may be sharing facts and opinions about those facts.

For a photographer, it’s sharing image after image, telling a story in a different way. Any pages with extensive text are static content, but the posts often will have little text but be rich in content.

For a store owner, including an online shop owner, it’s not only content like store hours and ‘About Us’ pages, but content is also product. Items listed for sale, their images and discriptions and inventory.

Some website owners use all of these. I’m sure there are others – these are just the ones coming to mind. I’m very bleary-eyed but my cat wants me up at 6:0am and it’s hard to sleep in since he learned to knock things off counters. I get up or I fish jewelry and pens out from under the dresser. Easy choice there!

Why was I up so gosh-awful late? Working on the Annual $500 Website Sale, of course! I’m using more tools to streamline the process this year, allowing me to keep the price down and still offer quality service. That’s important!