Website Builds, Rebuilds and Customizations

Your Website is Part of Your Work

It’s not the most important part. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s far from being the first thing you think about in the morning or the last thing you think about at night. Your work really consists of what you do that brings you joy, pays the bills, helps you provide services and create things. It’s your writing or your art, it’s your activities within the community. And I believe that is what you should be concentrating on, not the niggly-wiggly bits of a website.

Your most important work is always ahead of you, never behind you. – Stephen Covey

I like creating websites just about as much as I like helping people achieve awesome results because they have a website. My favorite clients are entrepreneurs, small business owners, people working within the art-fiber industry, farmers, creative people, people looking for their voices in this internet age. I’m a freelancer, so if your project needs someone with skills I do not have I find someone to partner up with; I’m not going to promise what I cannot deliver.

Your Website is a Tool That Helps You Work More Effectively

About 20% of first-time searchers looking for your service, product or opinion will search on Google; another 20% use Amazon for products. Your website will see another 12% of searchers come directly to your website, either because of advertising or word-of-mouth, which is the same percentage of first-time searchers who walk through the door of a brick-and-mortar business.

So it is important to have a website that actively encourages people to interact, to purchase or to sign up for something. Happily, I know how to make that happen with a strong website designed to encourage visitors to take an action, that is built to position well within searches, and that provides what you and your customers (or followers!) need.

Sometimes You Just Want a Fresh Look

I understand! I’m known for going into one of my websites and just changing fonts, colors, functions…I think at the minimum, a website should be freshened up every three years. And there are so many pretty things we can do these days. The changes that mobile phones and tablets have demanded have inspired designers and developers to create some very interesting designs. Plus there will be new functionality that would help you provide a more interesting experience for visitors, not limited to just ecommerce shops (but those are certainly on people’s minds!)

Old Websites Are a Waste of Money

Keeping up is important. I’ve worked on websites that don’t have the alt-tags and keyword inclusions needed for optimal search results. Websites that haven’t been advanced as time rolled forward and so look dated. Image files that are too small for good viewing on larger screens. Websites that don’t look good on a phone screen. Sites that are not upgraded because the original developer is out of the picture and the owner doesn’t really know how to get in there and edit a thing.

Hosting costs have to be paid whether the website is doing its job or not, plus there is the loss of potential earnings found in capturing leads, engaging with your audience and customer base, selling directly from your website and more. I aim to do better with your website than just keeping up. I want to dig into your business. If you have a lifestyle website, I’m sure you want to achieve great things with it. I can customize your website to what you really need it to do.

Down to the Nitty-Gritty About Rebuilding Your Website

I’ll go through the same process with you that I go through with someone hiring me to build a new website from scratch. Depending on what we discover during our initial conversations, I may have to do as much work on your rebuild just to get a good understanding of what you want and what the original developer and designer created. Even a customization can require a lot of in-depth discovery to be sure we don’t break something while adding the new functionality you wish.

Everything starts with you filling out the Website Worksheet. It’s a detailed statement from you of everything I want to know. If you don’t like filling out online forms, print off the PDF copy (and if you are seeing this, I’ve not got the PDF up yet. Email me so I’m prodded to get back to this), fill it out and mail it to me.

I charge a Review Fee for peaking under the hood of your website to decide if I want to work with you or not. Think of it as a house-call fee as if I was a technician coming in to check wiring or inspect some work you’ve had done, because that is really what it is. This is a straightforward fee based on the number of hours I will need, and so depends on the number of pages, the complexity of your site, whether or not you have ecommerce or tons of moving parts on there.

You will have to write all the content and provide all the image files. I’m not a graphic designer so I cannot create your logo, although I have all the tools and am silly enough to try sometimes. But honestly, you will be better off hiring it with someone else. I can recommend people if you wish! I also know programmers that can do functions I cannot do, and may recommend we use their services in order to get what you want into your website.

Still With Me?

Go fill out that Website Worksheet and let’s get started!