We have moved to Columbia, Missouri!

My husband and I moved out of Minnesota at the end of September, into a university town in an area which is going to be slightly warmer all winter. And less snowy. Seriously, after the 90+ inches of 2018-2019 and all the work that went along with dealing, snow down here isn’t going to bother us. Now the ice, on the other hand…well.

And my determination has been unpacked!

I have a lovely new office on the third floor of this place and a satellite desk here on the deck. And it’s gorgeous out here today. The cats came out for awhile and sure thing — Jayne took off for the woods. There’s about a 25 foot stretch behind my house that becomes acres and acres of wildness if you creep out to the left. He’s back now, glaring at me from inside the house because I tossed him in when he last checked in. I really didn’t want to lose him to the bobcats who live around here.

The entrepreneurial community is welcoming; here at 6pm, I’m going to take part in Startup Weekend. First time to participate! Without a pitch, I’m really going for the experience as well as to offer my own experience and enthusiasm to someone else’s dream! Follow along on FaceBook to get live updates.