I had a huge surprise today when I went to Twitter. I’d not noticed that I was on 2Lane Online’s twitter feed, and I was kinda taken back to see I’d published something the evening before, and there it was on my feed. Where it didn’t belong…then I realized it was from my personal account and I was all like “Whaaa…?” because I’d no memory. Not that I hated the link, especially when I saw the hashtags were really spot-on and because they included one of my latest marketing friends, made me happy. I just didn’t remember publishing it.

Screen capture from twitter, sharing a link to my newspaper for today.So I clicked on the link and it took me to my account’s daily newspaper. is yet another way to ‘listen to the web,’ as it says on their website, and I found it this last week. Played around with it, as one does. Set up a Twitter list just for its use, kicked it off, enjoyed reading it, and then went and did other things. I did come back into it the next day and read it again and did some more editing of that Twitter list. Then obviously forgot about it. And I certainly hadn’t noticed that I’d set it up to post to my twitter account every evening. Or maybe it’s just going to post to my biz’s twitter account every evening unless I tell it not to do so. Whatever.

And now it’s a couple of hours later and I’m still pleased. I’m going to let the publishing continue and work to really jazz up that list with even more influencers and artists. The name got edited and I’ve cleaned up the tagline and editor’s note. It’s a tool for my own use, sure, but I’ll share on the chance you also will find it useful.

And just maybe, you will check out and create your own account. If you do, follow me and I’ll follow you back, so I can see your publication.