Startup Weekend Como

Hi, folks! I’ve been having a great time at the Startup Weekend in Columbia, my new town. As you may know, I moved here on September 25 and have not let grass grow under my feet but have been working to meet local influencers and networkers. I was gifted a free ticket to Startup Weekend. And while none of the pitches absolutely This morning I moved into Team Solobuy, a startup that, in my opinion, mashes up an online auction site with Tender. Nick Rollins, business owner, might have his own opinion.

So we’ve an initial set of possible auction items linked below. In the eventual app, there will be a list of items to be auctioned off on the right. People will ‘like’ items to drive them to the top of the list. On the left, there will be the current auction and when that auction ends, it disappears and the item at the top of the list on the right becomes the current auction.

Would you do me a favor? Check out Nick’s FB post and vote by liking some of the items that we painfully and diligently dug out of the internet. Vote for one or more of the items below, so when we actually stand in front of the community tomorrow, we have real facts to prove our concept.

We will put the top-voted item up for auction after 10 am tomorrow.

Thank you so much for helping us!