Facebook Page Start Up Package

During a friendly, focused session, we will:

  • Create a Facebook Business Page
  • Fill out the Description, Short Description
  • Optimize cover photo with tag line
  • Optimize profile photo
  • Fill out the About information
  • Add a call to action button
  • Set some expectations or goals for your Page’s performance

Additionally, you will:

  • Learn how to post for Facebook Business, and how often
  • Learn about different types of posting
  • Learn how to set up an event
  • Learn about image optimization and why you should do it
  • Learn a few basic networking tips for Facebook Business

You can easily grow your business with Facebook Pages

I’m still offering a great package price of $150 while I re-organize my services.

Not sure why you need this? Here’s why! Let’s start today – I will be glad to answer any questions you have.

It just takes a moment to get your session set up.