Be Free to do Your Work

Young women shopping in a yarn shop

I want you to have more time to do the things you love best, the things that are making you money. The building, the creating, the managing, …whatever it is, you should be doing it.

And for your business to thrive, you can’t neglect the juggling act of marketing. That’s where I can help you. Let’s drill into your current website and social media, and develop a plan for the future.

Web Designer / Trainer / SEO

Designing websites. Managing your search engine optimization and writing posts. Setting up your CRM and managing it as part of your marketing strategy. Training you to manage aspects of your marketing strategy for yourself. Billed at $75/hour

Content Writer / SEO / Web Marketer

Writing content for you. Performing and managing a tracking system for your social media marketing, and doing your weekly or monthly Google Analytics report. Managing Adwords. Billed at $50/hour

General Virtual Assistant (GVA)

Tasks such as posting your content and images to your social media channels, ensuring your content’s tagging is appropriate, moderating comments and alerting you when you need to respond. Billed at $35/hour

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