Let’s Create Your New Website!

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Harness the power of the internet for your business or for personal use

With my expertise and the tools made available by my selected website builder, you can quickly get online! Let’s talk! I will help you drill into what is important for your new website to contain, find a great theme, pull all your information together and arrange it so your visitors can find what they want.

  • I’ll secure your domain and get it mapped for you.
  • I will craft an awesome website for you, and get your content on those pages.
  • You may have 3-4 pages, consisting of a home page, a contact/about me page, and then two pages that can be images, services, a blog, and lots of other opportunities. You cannot have an online store here, although you can add links to your Etsy or Ebay store if you wish.
  • I’ll also optimize images and load them onto your site, placing them where they will help tell your story.
  • You will be set up for a year’s hosting at the Personal level. (This level is built into the basic cost of $600)
  • I will teach you how to add content and images to your website, and how to keep it in good health!

Once the website is turned over to you, you will be responsible for future payments for hosting and domain hosting. And you will be in charge of any updating and customizing for the website unless you’ve contracted with me to continue working for you. But that’s a conversation for the end of our journey together.

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What you have to do is important!

I cannot write your content for you – especially not these first important pages. These pages are where people meet you, and there is no one better to introduce you than you. This is where you are going to take ownership of your website and write some words into sentences and tell a coherent story about what makes you unique, why your business will help people, and why they should give you their money. And if this is for personal use, you still have to write those words!

I’ve had websites drag out for too long because I haven’t emphasized this enough. You have to decide to write something for each page we create. You have to find the time to do this work. The website will not, cannot go live until you do. So what I will do is craft you a website using typesetter text, frequently called “ipsum lorem,” and a stock image that you provide or I find that represents the type of work or play this website will represent. You will be able to try out your website’s feel and functionality even before the content is ready to be added, although I certainly will love working with your own content instead of the boring latin phrases.

So to restate the nitty-gritty bits of what you have to do:

  • You have to supply the content and the images, plus help me create your keywords; since this is your story, you must be willing to tell it!
  • The content must be in text or document format.
  • The images must be jpeg or png format.
  • Images should be provided in high resolution.
  • Your website will remain private until you approve of it.

Other points we have to agree on (they are all in the contract):

  • Payment of $300 must be paid before I will start working on your website.
  • Another $150 must be paid after we’ve got the website together and ready to go live.
  • I will make minor adjustments and fix typos and errors for two weeks after go live.
  • The final $150 will be billed to you after your training is complete.
  • You may want or need to subscribe to one of the other levels of hosting and services that WordPress.com provides. I will adjust that first year’s hosting cost into your $600 fee,
  • I will only hold your website for three months. If you’ve not gotten your content and additional images to me by that time, you will have forfeited your money.

Ready to get started? Email me by filling out this form, and off we go!