Monday Plans: Looking forward to the snow melting

Snow falling outside my bedroom window.

It is wild what one day will bring. Yesterday I was working outside, lots of sunshine and leaves out on my deck. The cats and I really enjoyed being out there. Today? We’ve already got four inches of snow. Van is going to move his car and I’ll park mine at the front of our driveway. I don’t have to go anywhere tomorrow and I sincerely hope that it melts. I could have stayed in Minnesota!

I think my goal is going to be to have to leave my home so rarely that I can justify claiming the garage. It’s a tight little garage but I think my car would be happier. I know I would.

Do you notice that this image is moving? I’m beginning to learn to use some of the functionality of my phone. I’d no idea I could do an automated gif like this; it’s a live photo and I could have accomplished this with my iPhone 7, I suppose. But I didn’t know that! Now that I do, I hope to share more of these.

This week, I plan to attend 1Million Cups on Wednesday, and then I’m attending Samantha Miller’s presentation on Instagram. So popular that The Hatchery had to add another session.

I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon at the Daniel Boone Regional Library. I start training for a floater position; I will be covering lunches every other Saturday and then working the entire shift on that weekend’s Sunday. Seven hours, every other week. I will also be on-call to cover absences and vacations. A tidy little job and one that happily brings me back into the library world.

I am really anticipating attending The Hatchery’s Thanksgiving Potluck this week. I am so lucky to have sought out a co-working location when I came into town. Not sure what I’m bringing yet, but maybe something green…fried cabbage? Maybe a dish of exploded eggroll? hummm…

My huge deck, overlooked by huge oak trees.