Ten People Learned About WordPress in my Community Education Class

On Wednesday, I taught a community education class geared to help people get started on WordPress websites. We were using the free opportunity that WordPress.com offers, with lots of practice on the basic tasks and lots of hints on how to expand and build and customize their new websites.

It was a great group. I had fun.

But I’m not doing another one until Gutenburg comes out. This new editor will really change WordPress and I want a good experience with it before I’m vain enough to teach it. I think that is more respectful of their time, don’t you?

Gutenberg is the topic of the January meeting at the library, and if that rollout meets the proposed rollout on November 27, I foresee a lively conversation with early adopters. And even if the rollout is pushed back to January 22, enough of us are listening in that I will still be able to give a presentation and we will still have a great conversation.

Are you a bit concerned? Have you logged into your site, seen the opportunity to try it, had to choose between legacy and Gutenberg editor? Maybe we should talk and I can help you feel more confident about the new editor. I work over Skype and a couple other online tools, if you wish. Get in touch to set up an appointment!

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