Improve SEO Rankings? I really should be doing this myself.

A client sent me a link today from the McCafee Secure Blog because he found it interesting and wanted to know if I saw anything useful. It lists eight things that can help you improve your SEO ranking with Google. I do this person’s website work, posting content and editing it as needed and requested.

I wrote him:

Thanks for sharing this. I needed just this post to remind myself how Google is always changing.

We are doing most of these things with your website, including the bullet lists. First time I’ve ever seen something like that on this sort of list! And yes, blogging would be good. Also, just sending me links to articles that you found interesting might help. Well, it would help. We could have some template set up, a post with an image; maybe your image? Or of something visually interesting that has a banner statement on it. A stack of books on a table with a caption that says “Never Stop Learning” or a light bulb with the statement “Here’s a bright idea!”
Anyway. You have an article or a book or website you want to share with people. You write no more than one paragraph, sharing one thing you liked about this thing. If there is a URL, fine, if it’s a book, I’ll find it on Amazon or where ever you want. Send it all to me. In about 5 minutes, I can create a blog post that will have your thoughts, the thing we are sharing, and a link. That’s fresh content advantage and brand awareness link covered. You can also use this to promote groups you visit and meetings you attend around town. Thoughts on accessibility, good or bad, that you run into. Whatever. Continue to represent yourself in small, human ways.
Now, mind you, I’m not doing this either. My biggest failing. I think I’m going to grab some of this email to you and go write a short blog post myself!
And there you go. About five minutes, including the SEO settings within the Yoast SEO plugin.