I’m Returning to Conversational Blogging

When I face this screen my mind goes blank. This is supposed to be a business blog, but I just can’t sustain an effort. All the good thoughts I had earlier in the day, especially those I had when I was driving and not able to take notes, are gone. This is frustrating for me, because I used to find it easy to do conversational blogging. Now I can’t stay focused; my attention is easily tempted out of what I need to do to the irritations that float around me. Politics. Things I need to do. Where to find an image for this post.

All rights attributed to Nick Seluck, artist and owner of The Awkward Yeti comics.I wrote that last one down, btw. That’s become a very useful coping mechanism so my brain doesn’t have to remember everything as it comes into focus. I’ve a scrap of paper or a notecard or at Crossings, a big clipboard of scrap paper. Whenever I’m interrupted in the flow, I make a note. Maybe it’s to remember a tidbit, like where to find this image. Or maybe it’s what I was doing before my path diverged to doing whatever other thing became more important; I’ll know what to return to when I can actually get back to my original task.

Do you ever get overwhelmed with all the things whirling around in your head?

I try to start the day with a list of the things I want to get done, and instead of just crossing them off when completed, I write a number next to them as well. Sometimes seeing the last number that is all I need to do to bring myself back to the current task. Other times, it’s hours since I last was on that task and I’ve no joy in returning to it but there is always something else to do. Plus I’m trying to give myself the time to do things that bring joy. These days it’s resistance embroidering! (I’ll share some in a future post soon…)

So…One of the changes I’m making is to return to writing conversationally about things going on in my life; some people call this life blogging although I call it conversational blogging. I really enjoyed writing those posts in the past. Topics ranged from trips I was taking to difficulties I was overcoming to happy things. No sandwiches, though. I don’t think you need to know everything! In this rendition of my blogging life, I’ll add in business topics, such as best practices and reports on books I’m reading and highlights from conferences. The important thing for me is that I regain a practice of daily writing. And I hope that the important thing for you is that you and I will get to know each other better. Comments will be on so feel free to continue my conversation.



Writer’s Note: The comic used in this post is the property of Nick Seluk, artist, author and owner of The Awkward Yeti.