Gutenberg’s release is here. My advice? Wait.

I missed the announcement that the release date was moved up! – Gutenberg comes out today as part of WordPress 5.x and at some point everyone who logs into their dashboard will see an encouragement to upgrade. I’ve not got it yet, but the day isn’t over yet. Anyway…

You Can Wait.

Read what Yoast has to say about this here.  And watch this interview on WP Tavern here. Check out what some of the other leaders are saying. Ultimately, take responsibility for your own website. I’m going to wait.

Why? I’ve not time to ensure all my plugins are going to work. I’ve not time to ensure all my clients’ plugins and themes have been upgraded to work. I’ve not offered training to my clients, either! (makes note.)

If you decide to update, also install the Classic Editor as a plugin so you can roll back to that editor easily enough.

I’ve been using the Gutenberg editor as it is in 4.x for awhile and am finding it an OK experience, but I’m not using all the special features. I am too busy rolling out my Annual $500 Website special. Preparing for my SEO and Keyword presentation on December 10th. Working for clients and for my employers. (2Lanes is still a part-time gig. Hire me and help me make it full time!)

The MeetUp at the Rochester Public Library in January is about Gutenberg. You can wait until January, come and upgrade there, talk to others who are doing the same thing. Learn. Be sure to bring your laptop!