Get ready for Gutenberg!

Coming sometime in 2018 is Gutenberg, a new administrator panel and new functionality for WordPress. It's certainly going to be more than that, but unless you are a developer or high-end designer, you won't need to understand the rest of it to get your work done.

This new upgrade is called Gutenberg for the man who invented the printing press. Gutenberg uses blocks of information arranged on your website just as a printer would have organized blocks of letters into articles for a book or newspaper.

I've already downloaded the plugin and started becoming familiar with the basic layout. I've not yet touched the block option, though – should I?

There. While you can't really see a difference, *I* am typing into blocks. And I've done some dragging and dropping and moving things – this is rather fun.

If you are interested, you can read more about Gutenberg at CodeInWP, or at, or of the hundreds of other articles on this very subject. And while I did some general googling around and these were the two articles I read, would be a great place for you to start.

As some of you know, I don't worry about the developer or high-end designer processes. I'm a more down to basics person, helping people find inexpensive solutions to their marketing needs. But anyone who does their own content posting on WordPress needs to be ready for this, or some day will wake up to a big surprise. I'll continue to work with Gutenberg and will keep you updated.

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