Will Facebook changes effect the reach of your page?

Yes, there have been recent changes to how Facebook shows a business page’s posts in followers’ timelines, effectively limiting your post’s reach. Reach is the number of people who saw your post at least once, even if they didn’t stop to read your post.

If you’ve been actively using your page rather than just posting on your personal timeline, you may have already noticed the change to your reach. It’s certain that established Facebook pages are effected and their owners (and managers) feeling a bit wonky about it. Anyone who has already set up processes and expectations based around the old organic and paid reach are now figuring out new processes to continue meeting their expectations. My own research and observations say this is so – but don’t take my word for it. Check out a Facebook Live broadcast on this very subject, by Andrea Vahl, consultant, speaker and co-owner of Social Media Manager’s School. She tells it like she’s seen it, regarding Facebook reach for organic posts and boosted posts.

But I think that anyone not yet playing in this field doesn’t need to worry. You just need to get in here, get started, and work your page long enough to see some results. It will take some time to get some data and evaluate what processes are successful for you. But that’s OK. At least you don’t have any past expectations to make you sad now and get in the way, really.


Cat with fish - a post about facebook reach.

Help People Remember You When They Need You

So, when you launch your page, be sure you should tell people. Share the page’s launch on your personal timeline, tell people you meet that you have this new thing, and email your customers. Post it next to the register, if you have a physical store. Be your own best cheerleader.

That will result in a number of people to visit your page, and some of them will follow it. And you should post regularly and provide information they can use or posts about your day that they can comment on, or even cat videos they can watch. Over time, you will see that people both return to your Page and that a few of them will share your posts on their own timelines. This is organic reach, a good thing! If a post does well, you may choose to boost it for a very small amount of money to a targeted market. Paid reach brings your business in front of new eyes, and may bring you more sales.

It may not. People may see your post and move right along, but that is the way it goes. Figure out how to write better posts! Use different cats! And keep working to provide quality information that helps establish you as a go-to person in your field. You know you are awesome! But the trick is convincing the people who need your service or product, that you are the best person to call when they have a problem. Facebok pages can mean you are the first person that pops into their head, since they are already enjying your awesome stories in their newsfeeds.

Oh! And another good result from regular posting is that people are using Facebook as a search engine. In 2016, two-billion people a day were using Facebook as a search engine to find people, businesses, addresses, recommendations and whatever they need. Regular posting helps you place better there, too – it’s not just for Google anymore.

Don’t Delay!

A couple of weeks ago, I offered a limited time Facebook page start-up special, which is about to come to an end as I roll out the next service. Together, we will launch your business or hobby interest on Facebook for $100. That price goes up to $150 on Tuesday, February 6, so do not delay getting in touch with me. I’m eager to help you find your own success using Facebook.

And that’s it for today! There is some light shoveling of snow to be done, and the dryer just beeped. Have a great weekend!