Plan for Success with a Facebook Business Page!

Of all the opportunities to market online, the one I recommend most frequently is the Facebook Business Page. The business page is a place to really connect with customers and potential customers, a place to tell your business story. You can offer promotions. You can use it to generate leads. To promote a cause or community. To serve as a calendar of public appearances of a public figure such as a band. And the list goes on.

How Do Facebook Business Pages work?

The business page offers other tools that you don’t have with your personal page – including privacy for your personal activities. Letting people know about your vacation to a warmer part of the world is fine, but maybe you don’t want all the world to know your business or home is going to be emptier than normal for the next two weeks. Keep the pretty pictures on your own page, behind your privacy settings! And then you have to remember to turn a business-related post over to public settings, so it can do it’s job of attracting attention, then make sure that your next post returns to normal privacy settings. It’s easier just to go ahead, set up that business page and keep the two separate.

Facebook also gives its business page customers the opportunity to schedule posts, buy advertising, and analytical tools to help you understand what is happening with your posts.

Starting Today Means a Better Tomorrow

If you don’t know where to start or would like develop some good practices for future success, I can help. I’m offering a package right now just for you. I will help you get a business page set up with the profile filled out, banner in place, at least two posts completed and one scheduled to go out in the future. I want you to commit to a future posting schedule as well, to help you get into the habit. We will make some of those initial decisions that can mean success, such as setting up your button option and arranging the tabs. I’ll teach you how to find and Like other businesses and people, and how to use resulting Pages Feed to build your community. We will cover events, if you wish. And we will finish with a peek at the Insights tab of your dashboard.

If you wish to meet in person and I have to travel, it’s $175, still a great deal.  Get in touch today.



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