WordPress MeetUp June 11, 2018

It was a small but mighty MeetUp that met on Monday evening. People working on their websites, formatting issues, and on content creation. Brian shared a couple of plugins he likes using. Image Hotspot by Jonathan Bardo allows you to control how WordPress generates the various image size in your site, and what spot on your image […]

Calendar updates!

Check out the website’s calendar page. And I invite you to send anything you know about that I’ve not found yet. I’ll post them on the calendar for free, if I get them in my email before February 1. I’ve spent today checking out event calendars on lots of our local providers and copying any […]

Worldwide Spin In Public Day!

Hurrah! Tomorrow is a day set aside by fiber enthusiasts to Spin In Public – get your wheel or your spindle, some fiber, and show people your passion for turning that fiber into string. Or yarn. And eventually a sweater or a rug or some cozy mittens. I plan to stop over at Beelighted in […]