Improve SEO Rankings? I really should be doing this myself.

A client sent me a link today from the McCafee Secure Blog because he found it interesting and wanted to know if I saw anything useful. It lists eight things that can help you improve your SEO ranking with Google. I do this person’s website work, posting content and editing it as needed and requested. […]

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Will Facebook changes effect the reach of your page?

Yes, there have been recent changes to how Facebook shows a business page’s posts in followers’ timelines, effectively limiting your post’s reach. Reach is the number of people who saw your post at least once, even if they didn’t stop to read your post. If you’ve been actively using your page rather than just posting […]

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Plan for Success with a Facebook Business Page!

Of all the opportunities to market online, the one I recommend most frequently is the Facebook Business Page. The business page is a place to really connect with customers and potential customers, a place to tell your business story. You can offer promotions. You can use it to generate leads. To promote a cause or […]

Local SEO: Using Google Posts to Enhance Reach

You can add Google Posts to your weekly social media strategy! And even though it is one more thing to have to manage, you should. Google posts are similar to blog posts and Facebook posts in their structure – you use an excellent image and add some appropriate words written to catch people’s attention and […]

Everyone needs goals!

I found this hourly wage calculator on the Teaching Artists Guild website and thought people might be interested in trying it out. Rates for Rochester range between $28-57 per hour, and that does NOT include mileage. I’m interested because I am helping to hire teaching artists for Crossings. And while I’ve no idea the skill […]