Branding Questions: Does an “S” really make a difference?

I don’t know if you noticed? I changed the color scheme. The blue a bit lighter, a more friendly blue as far as I’m concerned. Secondary colors are all triad colors to it. I used Paletton to pull them and export the color numbers. Later today I will get into Canva and update the FaceBook page banner, and maybe start working on a new business card. Canva is my favorite service for quickly creating social media banners and images.

Branding is always fun to twitch with, although after rapidly changing things the first few years of my business I’ve stopped radically messing with everything. Especially the name. In 2016, I thought about it for two months before changing it to 2Lane Web Services on October 13. Two years in, I decided that was too wordy,  and changed it to 2Lane Online. I’ve held fast to this since January, 2018. It’s always bothered me that I lost the implied plural services platform with 2Lane, though. You have to mentally complete the phrase – “2Lane Road’ “2Lane Highway,” 2Lane Web Services.”

New Facebook banner is brighter and uses the new branding colors

Since I’m in here messing with the colors, I’m adding the ‘S’ back into the name. Not changing the URL, no. I bought it, but am just going to point 2lanes back to 2lane for now.

The plural does make a difference. I am very useful and my brand should reflect it. I serve people from all over, most of whom live on a two-lane road of some sort. Main street businesses, people working from their homes, farmers and artists in apartments all travelling on two-lane streets and roads and highways. The taking and sharing of the internet, the cyber-highway. 

It’s all good. And the banner is done, as you noticed up there in this post. What do you think?

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