Blogging Challenge Day One: So Let It Be Done

I’m undertaking a personal blogging challenge. Just for me. Because writing content for any website is hard. I used to preach it but don’t practice it myself, and now the guilt keeps me from encouraging clients to get busy with their brains and fingers on a keyboard. I’ll grin and shrug and say things like “I should do this too” or “it’s hard to get started. I understand…”

In fact, I’m only writing this one because I and an accountability partner, Susan Weaver, promised that we would both write at least one post this week. We meet up in less than 90 minutes and I have just now started typing. *laughs at self*

Doesn’t matter. I got this.

In fact, I’m going to put a stake in the ground and move further. I am going to write something daily. It’s going to totally be personal and sometimes silly. There will be business topics and gratitude to people who have stepped up to help me. Tips and Tricks. Enthusiasms. And yes, I’m looking into the future, which is one of the ways we plan for success, right?

I don’t think I’ve actually ever completed one of these 30-day blogging challenges. So how can I help myself stay committed?

Well, for one, posting here should help. I’m very good at ignoring myself, though.

I can ask Susan if I can enlist her sending me a daily email.

I added a reminder about my blogging challenge to my calendar.

I added it to my calendar! I live by my calendar. This is next week without the daily and weekly things to do not filled in yet; I do that tomorrow evening before the shows start.

oooh! I can set up my phone to bug me. I bet there is an app for that.

Enough for now – I have other work to do. But look, Sue! I did it!