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Ten People Learned About WordPress in my Community Education Class

On Wednesday, I taught a community education class geared to help people get started on WordPress websites. We were using the free opportunity that offers, with lots of practice on the basic tasks and lots of hints on how to expand and build and customize their new websites. It was a great group. I […]

Jumped-up, wanna-be Me

I started this post a few minutes ago, mainly is an attempt to see if I can do this. I’m using voice to text built into the WordPress app. It’s working OK. Anyway, I woke up this morning feeling unhappy. And I know it’s just the sun, that thing that’s going on up there that […]

Improve SEO Rankings? I really should be doing this myself.

A client sent me a link today from the McCafee Secure Blog because he found it interesting and wanted to know if I saw anything useful. It lists eight things that can help you improve your SEO ranking with Google. I do this person’s website work, posting content and editing it as needed and requested. […]

WordPress MeetUp June 11, 2018

It was a small but mighty MeetUp that met on Monday evening. People working on their websites, formatting issues, and on content creation. Brian shared a couple of plugins he likes using. Image Hotspot by Jonathan Bardo allows you to control how WordPress generates the various image size in your site, and what spot on your image […]