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Cleaning up my own implementation of the Yoast SEO plugin

When I wrote this post, I was preparing for a MeetUp on December 10th, and so doing my own SEO audit and deeply drilling down into Yoast’s free SEO plugin. I wanted to decide what is important to cover and what is not. I only allowed myself 15 minutes for this, with the other 20 […]

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Ten People Learned About WordPress in my Community Education Class

On Wednesday, I taught a community education class geared to help people get started on WordPress websites. We were using the free opportunity that offers, with lots of practice on the basic tasks and lots of hints on how to expand and build and customize their new websites. It was a great group. I […]

Jumped-up, wanna-be Me

I started this post a few minutes ago, mainly is an attempt to see if I can do this. I’m using voice to text built into the WordPress app. It’s working OK. Anyway, I woke up this morning feeling unhappy. And I know it’s just the sun, that thing that’s going on up there that […]