$500 Websites

I’m in need of Christmas cash and so make a really good offer for anyone thinking about setting up a website. This is, other than the limited number of themes to choose from and no ecommerce, a package I usually bid out at $1,000-$1,500. 

It will include a year of hosting, a domain, and four pages set up for you. You will also receive my “Create a Website in 90 Minutes!” content creation class, a training I’ve given for Rochester Community Education to full rooms for three years.

I ask for $250 up front, and another $250 before you receive your training. 

I can only accept a limited number of clients at this price. But the turn around will be quick – perhaps as short as two days based on your availability to fill out a form and have a phone conversation with me.

Drop me a quick line to let me know how to best contact you.

For a small fee, your training can include my “Start Creating a Keywork List and Boost your SEO using Yoast” training developed for WordPress MeetUp presentations at the Rochester Public Library and at the Rochester Community Education.

The Details

I’m going to make it as easy as I can for you. We will talk about what you need and if you decide to move forward, I’ll send you the contract and a worksheet that will help me understand what you want your website to do.

Yes, there is a contract to protect both of us. I’d do without if I could, but it outlines what we can expect from each other. The worksheet will give me information I will use to customize your website.

I do want to hold a getting to know you conversation. I will ask a lot of questions about you and what you need from your website. I’ll ask you to send me any images you have and anything you’ve already written that you want to be included. Don’t have any content? No worries. I’m going to write something for you to get this up. I won’t make any claims for you that you haven’t provided, just good stuff that will put you and your industry or interest in the right light. You can go in and edit it later.

Want to know some of what we will talk about? You can take a peek at the themes you can select from. One is a one-page site, the second has a professional feel, and the third is an easy-on-the-eyes theme and an excellent start. These are just to get your website started; I’ll teach you how to change it.

Within a short time, maybe as quickly as two days, you will have a functional website. It will include:

  • Home page, frequently used as a call to action page
  • Blog page
  • About page
  • Contact form page
  • Strong search engine optimization set up
  • SSL certification so people don’t get that “unsecure” warning on Chrome. Included with hosting.
  • A year of hosting ($165 value)
  • A year of domain services ($9-24 value)
  • Two hours of training on how to maintain and add content to your new website, including how add functionality and how to boost visibility. ($150 value)

Your website will be hosted on FlyWheel, a WordPress hosting company based in Omaha, Nebraska. I balanced out my wish to support local companies with excellent service a couple of years ago, and I’ve never regretted my decision to work with FlyWheel. And while I’m now in their affiliate program, I’ve been singing their praises for years. Here is one time they saved my bacon: I was in a client meeting and pulled up the client’s website. It was down! And I know it was up just 30 minutes earlier! I contacted support while I was talking to my clients, apologizing and chit-chatting. Within three minutes, FlyWheel support had responded, fixed the site, and sent me an email to explain which plugin upgrade had brought down the site. Sweet!

More Details

Do you already own a domain? For another small fee, I will help you move it to your new website. I don’t include this because sometimes this is as quick as updating two lines on your domain’s DNS settings, and sometimes painfully difficult to do. We can talk about this as a separate task.

You get to decide if you want to continue my services to maintain your website or if you want to handle that on your own. My plans are here. 

And that’s about it! I’m very much looking forward to working with you.