New Year’s Resolutions and a $500 website!

New Year’s Resolutions. I always make a few. Do you? Do you stick to them?

Here are mine for 2019.

Remember. A resolution that I made last year was focusing on a word for the year, although Chris Brogan recommends three words for the year. It’s a inspiration or manifestation focus technique. I made it until around March and then totally lost my focus. Can’t even remember the word now, and can’t guess if it made any difference. That’s not going to stop me from doing it again, differently.

Right now, I want to remember to remember that I am worthy, talented, generous. I’ve made promises to people. I want to remember to be kind to myself. I want to remember to reach out to my friends often and let them know I love them and am glad they are in my life. I want to use my time wisely. So I have been writing the word “remember” on my skin. In gel pen like a teenager cribbing a test, heh. It’s all good. As long as I remember. I’ll use this word until it’s time to use another one. I will know when.

Inspiration. I restarted my Pandora music account and am paying to be without commercials. Exploring playlists right now, kicking back with the likes of Daryl Hall and John Oates and Genesis at the moment. Music is motivating and the right music can be uplifting. Coming off a lot of holiday music so I’m all good with enjoying the singer-songwriters of the 70s and 80s.

This is part of my second resolution for the year. I want to celebrate that which inspires me and drives me. If you follow along with me, you can watch as I try new things and challenge myself to finish things I’ve started. Some of it is not really appropriate for my business page – but you can follow me on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram or on my other website.

Generosity. And the third thing I’m going to do this year is provide one person a month with a new website¬†for¬†$500. Yes, it is a package deal. I’ve got the cost calculated to be pretty much covered by the $500 website price tag. My hourly fee is reduced to the least I charge. Plus I created the package to contain training on what is important for a new website owner – images and content. Let me emphasis that – content and images! Click here for more information.

No promises that I will stick to any of them…I wouldn’t have started with the Word of the Year: Remember if I was any good at sticking to resolutions!

I’ve been very lucky this holiday that I had four days over Christmas and now four days over New Years without scheduled work and I could control my own days. Those first four days were for relaxing and doing things with the family. These four have been and will continue to be about working. I’m planning for success in 2019, for me and, if you wish, for you. Cheers!