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A bit about me – I am part of the marketing team for Crossings at Carnegie, an art gallery and music venue in Zumbrota, MN. I work at a customer service desk at the Rochester Public Library. And I’ve been providing website and social media marketing services to people who need help getting their businesses online. People like you.

Many of the people I’ve talked to about social media marketing just have no desire to be on Facebook or Instagram. They may not feel confident. And often they are just too busy to want to do the work themselves. I can help these people, and I can help you, too.

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Let's not ignore the formalities of polite greetings and comments about the weather! However, I really am in this to answer your questions about social media or website marketing. You are limited to two questions below, and once I've received this form from you, I will do the research needed to ensure I am knowledgeable about the type of business or hobby you are in, and how other people in your chosen area are using social media and websites.

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Our conversation will be brief - the time always flies by! Depending on what your follow up questions may be to the first question, we may not get to the second one. I'll say something at 8 minutes in, so you can decide if you want to move on, or if you want to stay on the first question.

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